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      This site serves two purposes. The first is to provide as detailed an overview as possible on the history of Japanese clothing. The second purpose is to provide readers with the material to allow them to recreate the items of clothing and accessories.

      In my study of Japanese history, I have long been frustrated over the lack of detailed information in English on what people were actually wearing. Also, as a re-enactor, I've felt the frustration of not being able to access enough information to allow me to recreate the outfits that had caught my interest.

      Herein, I will provide as much historical reference material as will comfortably fit in the space allowed. In addition to information on what the various garments worn were, I will also detail as much as possible matters of sumptuary tradition and regulations.

      The site is still under construction, and will likely always be in some state of flux as I add new material or update old material.

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