Bungo Nyûmon
A Brief Introduction to Classical Japanese

Literature Links

Heike Monogatari Page E Great links from Prof. Watson of Tokyo’s Meijigakuen for the Heike Monogatari.
Nôh Links E More from Prof. Watson.
Genji Links E Another page from Professor Watson. One-stop-shopping for the Genji Monogatari.
Japanese Text Initiative E Site is a treasure-trove of classical Japanese lit. e-texts (texts are all Japanese).
Waseda U. Literature Links J Waseda’s online library of Japanese e-texts.
Nat’l Inst. of Japanese Lit. JE Homepage of the Kokubungaku Kenkyû Shiryôkan.
Genji.Net J Wonderful source of Genji-related material and websites.
Genji Monogatari J E-text of the Genji, chapter by chapter, with different versions and translations.
Nihon Koten Bungaku J Classical Japanese texts online.
Koten Bungaku Sakuhin J More links to classical Japanese texts online.

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